Vinayak who told the top secret about NTR all these years… That’s why there is such a big gap..!

Needless to say, how much Tollywood Young Tiger Jr. NTR values ​​his friendship. NTR also loves small character artists like Rajeev Kanakala, who acted in his movies, and continues his friendship with them. Also, he has been continuing his friendship with many minor actors he has met in the industry for 20 years.

And NTR’s friendship with directors, producers and heroines who have made films with him will continue. Former Minister of Andhra Pradesh and MLA of Gudivada Kodali Nani is a close friend of NTR. NTR affectionately calls me Nani Anna. At the beginning of NTR’s career, Nani was like a compass. After that, NTR acted in two films under the banner of Nani, who helped him a lot in his career. Both Samba and Adurs movies were made by NTR with love for Kodali Nani.

Kodali Nani’s friendship with NTR lasted for many years. But now there is a campaign going on that there is no harmony between the two. Kodali Nani also responded to this a few days ago. But the latest gap between the two is the famous director Vivi. Vinayak gave clarity.
Vinayak is the director of two films Samba and Adurs produced by Kodali Nani starring NTR.

Talking about the gap between the two, Vinayak said that NTR-Kodali Nani were very good friends, but due to political conflict, there was a gap between the two, and when Nani joined the YCP, the relationship between the two broke. Till then they both met all the time. The parties consider themselves families and widen the gap between them. Vinayak said that he thinks that is why NTR broke up with Nani.

And NTR is a very comfortable man.. He has become friends with anyone once, so how can he not let go of anyone? Vinayak also said that NTR knows very well who to talk to and where to set limits. Will this combination be repeated in the future? Vinayak replied to that question and said that he cannot say.

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