Villain Pran | More remuneration than the hero.. that is the specialty of the villain..!

Villain Pran | The hero is the lifeblood of movies. The hero is the most important thing for the filmmaker. There is an audience who watches the movie regardless of who the hero is. Usually in film production also the hero gets more remuneration. But here and there the villains and directors have more remuneration than the hero. Such people exist in Bollywood and Tollywood. Pran is one of the actors who famously played villain roles in Bollywood and brought success to the film. He used to get more remuneration than a hero. Even the audience sees him as a true villain. There are incidents where people ran away seeing him. That is, he gives such a good performance as a villain.

Unexpectedly, the movie life started like this..

Today is the 104th birth anniversary of Pran, who is known as the most feared villain in Bollywood. Born on February 12, 1920 in Delhi. Father Lala Kewal Krishna Sikand is a small contractor. Lala Kewal Krishna Sikand had seven children in total. He started his life as a photographer before the partition of the country and one day he had to go to Lahore for work. It was there that he accidentally got a chance to go into films. Ala Pran, in his acting career that spanned seven decades, played so many memorable roles that people began to regard him as a villain in real life as well. Part of 362 films, Pran received honors like Padma Bhushan and Dadasaheb Phalke.

He started acting from the movie Lahore. He grabbed everyone’s attention in his role as a fearsome villain. When he was at the top of his career, the partition quarrels ended his career. So again he had to start from zero again in the Hindi film industry. Today, on the occasion of Pran’s birthday, let’s know some incidents in his acting and personal life.

Pran’s first offer in Gumti..!

Pran loves cigarettes. He started smoking cigarettes at the age of 12. One day, when he went to a pawn shop in Lahore to smoke a cigarette, he met a script writer, Wali Mohammad Wali. Wali Mohammad looked at him intently and said to Pran, “I am making a film, in which a character will be exactly like you.” After that, he wrote his address on a piece of paper and gave it to Pran and told him to come to the office the next day and meet him. But Pran did not take him seriously. Ignore that paper.

A few days later, when he met Wali Mohammed Pran again, he reminded him of the previous visit to his office. Pran reluctantly asks Vali why he wants to come to the office. Wali Mohammed said that he is making a film. Even then Pran did not take his words seriously. But he said he will come. Finally, when he went to Pran and met Wali Mohammad, he convinced him to act in the film. Thus, Pran appeared in Yam La Jat, the first Punjabi film of his career. For this reason Pran always considered Vali as his guru.

This was the case with the partition riots

Pran, who was based in Lahore before independence, made films till 1947. Between 1940 and 1947, Pran acted in 22 films. Acting in various films in the Lahore film industry, Pran grabbed the limelight with his portrayal of a ruthless villain. After that in 1947 the riots started after the independence of the country. Same riots from Delhi to Lahore. Fearing that something might happen to his family during the riots, Pran, who works in Lahore, sent his one-year-old son Arvind and wife Shukla Ahluwalia to his in-laws in Indore, Madhya Pradesh.

On 11 August 1947, Pran, who was in Lahore, came to Indore to celebrate his son’s birthday. After coming here and hearing on the radio news that Hindus were being selectively killed and houses were burnt down by rioters in Lahore, Pran stayed in Indore without going back to Lahore.

Bollywood shifted from Kolkata to Mumbai in 1945

In 1945, the Kolkata film industry completely shifted to Mumbai. He loves nothing but acting. So why didn’t he want to try his luck in the Mumbai film industry. He was well known in Lahore. So he thought there would be a chance to get a job with that recognition here as well. With that belief, he came to Mumbai with his family. Nothing happened as he expected. He came to Mumbai and went to the offices of many producers and directors in search of work but to no avail.

Charges more than Hero

The movie Ziddi in which he acted became a hit. After that, Pran got offers for 3 more films. Also, for each movie he earns Rs. 500 was also advertised. Even the heroes used to charge such high fees. In this way, he becomes a villain who takes more remuneration than heroes and other villains.

According to the offer, he agreed to act in the film, but the producer said that he could not pay the fee of Rs.500 to the hero of the film. So Pran refused to do the film. After that the producer took him in his film by paying an additional Rs.100. In this way, he received a fee of Rs.600 more per month than the hero for that film. After that, Pran collected more fees than the hero in many films. Grihasti movie was released in 1948. Pran took Rs.1000 per month for this film.

Follow the real life getup in the movies

Pran was very conscious about his makeup. He used to cut out any photo of a weaver published in the newspaper which he liked. He used to do this so that there would not be any deficiency in the aspect of showing himself on the screen in the film. Pran also keeps makeup items in his house. Khan copied Hitler’s look in the movie Daan. In Jugnu he copied the getup of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the first president of Bangladesh. In it he played the role of a professor. Amar Akbar Anthony chose the getup of former US President Abraham Lincoln in the movie.

People stopped naming children like Pran..

Pran was taunted by people on the streets for his villainous roles. People also stopped naming their children Pran. Before ‘Up Kar’, when people saw me on the road, people used to call me a bad guy, a goon, a rowdy,” Pran said in an interview. In those days, whenever he appeared on screen, children would crawl on their mother’s lap and hide their faces in their sari. Children crying mommy, is he gone? Open your eyes? That’s what they ask.

After the death of his sister, he attended the shooting

Pran was always friendly with others. When he came on the set, he used to ask about everyone’s well-being. Pran did not talk to anyone till the evening during the shooting of the film Up Kaar. A fight scene was to be shot in the movie that day. Pran reached the set and did not talk to anyone. Manoj Kumar, the hero of the film, found this strange. He thinks that maybe Pran is busy practicing dialogues. On that second day too, Pran sat gloomily without talking to anyone from morning to afternoon. Seeing this, Manoj Kumar thought that maybe he was tired, but as he did not talk to anyone even after the pack up, Manoj Kumar could not stop and asked Pran the reason.

“When I returned from shooting last night, I got a phone call from Kolkata. He started crying saying, ‘My sister is dead.’ Hearing this, Manoj Kumar asked why his sister did not attend the funeral. In response, Pran said, “I know you all want me to go,” but stopping shooting for a few days will cost a lot. A lot of money has to be invested in film making. He said that he did not go because the producer would suffer a loss. Hearing these words, Manoj Kumar became emotional.

Why don’t you do a good role, daughter of my father

There is another story related to Upakar movie. Before that film, people in real life considered Pran to be a real bully. His daughter did not like that. The daughter asked him why you don’t play good roles like a hero. His daughter’s question made him think. Pran has decided to play a good role. Meanwhile, Manoj Kumar approached him with the script of the film Upkar. Its story is written by Manoj Kumar himself. While writing the story, he wrote the character of Malang Chacha keeping Pran in mind. Hearing the story, Pran agreed to do the role. The famous song of that movie ..Kasme Vade.. was shot on Pran.

Like the music directors of Pran

When it came to know that this song will be shot on Pran.. music directors Kalyanji – Anandji started shouting that they will spoil our song. Moreover, Kishore Kumar refused to sing that song. But everyone who saw the first print of that song was surprised by Pran’s performance. Everyone had faith in Pran. I am confident that he will do justice to any character.

A strange experience after the release of Upkar

Soon after the release of Up Kar, Pran went to Delhi for Om Prakash’s daughter’s wedding. He has to park his car 400 yards away and walk to the pavilion. As soon as he got out of his car, the fans who were there started shouting – get out, Malang uncle is coming. Hearing this, Pran got excited and said that I was surprised to see the change in people’s thoughts about me overnight.

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