Vikram | Shocking remuneration of heroes for ‘Vikram’ movie .. How much for whom?

Vikram Movie Actor’s Remuneration | ‘Vikram’ is nowhere to be seen now. Creates a storm of collections from the South to the North. The film stars Lokayil Kamil Haasan in the lead role and is directed by Lokesh Kangiraj. Launched as an action thriller, the film was released last Friday and brought positive talk. The film is the latest to gross Rs. 200 crore entered the club. Vikram achieved this feat in just 5 days. Cine analysts estimate that if this continues, it will also enter the Rs 500 crore club. Music by Anirudh Ravichandran, the film stars Vijay Sethupathi and Fahad Fazil in the lead roles. Tamil star Surya starred in the lead role.

There has been a lot of discussion on social media about how much remuneration someone has taken for the film, which opens with a huge cast. However, it is reported that the cast and crew of the film received a huge amount of remuneration. Kamil Haasan has taken a remuneration of Rs 50 crore for Vikram movie. Vijay Sethupathi received Rs 10 crore and Fahad Fazil Rs 4 crore. The film’s director Lokesh Kangiraj gets a remuneration of Rs 8 crore while music director Anirudh Ravichandran gets Rs 4 crore. Surya, who did a guest role, starred in the film without taking any remuneration. However, Kamil also co-produced the film.

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