Vijaya Nirmala with smoke…. Krishna vows not to make films with lentil eaters..!

Sakshi.. is a great super duper hit movie directed by great director Bapu. Love blossomed between Krishna and Vijayanirma in this movie. As part of the shooting of that movie, in one scene Krishna and Vijayanirma really clap on the necks.. It takes place in a temple. Rajababu, who was next to him, said that if the wedding takes place in this temple, it will really happen, but everyone took out the light.

After that, Rajababu’s words really came true… and it also led to their marriage. However.. no matter how much this movie was a hit.. actor Krishna did not get a name. All the credit. The reason for this is that Krishna, who is a coward, gathers courage and saves him from his brother. Moreover.. the entire film also has some smoke of Vijayanirmala.. Vaiyaram shines as a mixed actress.

Anger on the nose. The women’s world applauded the performance of Verasi Vijayanirmal. Krishna, who acted as a hero in this movie, also played the character of Thingari from Aadi. A lot of fear. A brave leader. Bapu wrote this story like that! However, Krishna agreed to do it under Bapu’s direction. The movie was shot in the surrounding areas of Rajahmundry.

They stayed there for about a month. And, when it comes to the subject of the movie.. even if there is love between the heroine and the hero.. the heroine Vijayanirmala’s older brother means.. Krishna (Kishtayya’s name) is inexhaustible fear. In the end he had to be killed. Vijayanirmal became the highlight of the story. After the release of the movie, Krishna’s fans were deeply disappointed. With this, Krishna.. will take precautions from now on.. He will not do films with people who eat lentils! After announcing that, they stopped doing it under Bapu’s direction. At that time it became a movement.

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