Vijay | Is there a big story behind Vijay’s political entry?

Vijay | The entire nation is now talking about Tamil hero Vijay’s political entry. This decision was not something that he took from his presence. Since the last three to four years, the campaign is going on saying that Vijay will join politics. He also made the arrangements for it well. Vijay has been meeting the leaders of fan clubs regularly since three years. What to do.. what not to do.. if he enters politics, what to do next.. what should be the plans.. how to face the elections.. He sits and discusses many such questions with his fans from time to time.

He made his political debut after having internalized many questions in his head that if he enters politics, how things will be.. how will they change.. will people support or not.. Because even a legendary hero like Rajinikanth backed down after announcing a political party. Also Kamal Haasan was humiliated by not winning a single seat. In this context, Vijay’s political entry is not only in the Tamil industry, but also in other industries. He is in the number one position in Kollywood.. Why does he need politics.. What did Vijay learn even after watching a hero like Pawan Kalyan? But Vijay’s calculations are different.
Tamil industry is very different compared to other industries. There fans are also hard core. They have uncountable love to give their lives for their favorite hero. That’s why Tamil Nadu has the highest success rate for film people in politics. We have only NTR who left politics and became successful. Even though Chiranjeevi showed influence, he could not win. And Pawan Kalyan has been struggling for ten years. But that is not the case in Tamil Nadu.

Annadorai, MGR, Karunanidhi, Jayalalitha, Vijay Kant and many other film personalities have turned their wheel in politics. The same belief is now seen in Vijay as well. Apart from that, there are millions of fans who consider his word as law. With this belief, he announced the party targeting the Parliament elections. Vijay, who is currently focusing on the Parliament elections, is also going to target the 2026 assembly elections.

Apart from that, the fans are getting more confused as they have also decided to stop the movies. Like Pawan Kalyan, he can do movies like this.. Anna also can do politics.. But he doesn’t.. He says that he will only put his feet on some boat. However, Vijay made his political entry only after the surveys showed that the success percentage was high even though he entered politics. And let’s see how his decision is going to be.

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