Very interesting: These Kannada beauties have so many desires..!!

Currently, Kannada beauty trend is more prevalent in the film industry. Not only on the silver screen but also on the big screen, Kannada cuties are turning the wheel in a range. Strictly speaking, there are very few opportunities for Telugu girls in the Telugu industry. Telugu girls can be finger counted in the present industry. There are many Kannada beauties. They are more than half of the industry. They are reigning and turning the wheel and ruling Tollywood.

But there is a common point in all these Kannada cuties. In Kannada beauty, everyone’s comment point is that they have many desires. Most importantly, Kannada beauty does not hold back when it comes to beauty. The products they use are more than two lakh three lakh each. Silver screen beauty means ok big screen beauties also spend lakhs and buy creams.

Moreover, Anushka Shetty, Rashmika Mandana, Kriti Shetty, who came from the Kannada industry, Ashika Ranganath, who is just entering the industry, all spend more than lakhs on face creams. Moreover, character artist Pavitra Lokesh is also from the Kannada film industry. There are news on social media saying that one face cream costs more than 3 lakhs. These Kannada beauties are spending crores on makeup. Anyway, these Kannada beauties are living on the name of Telugu industry. And where are our Telugu girls? We have to wait and see when our Telugu girls will get that luck..!!

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