Very interesting: He is the only Telugu hero who likes Krishna after Mahesh.. !!

There are many stars in the film industry, people like each and every one of them. Also, the stars in the film industry also like the heroes in the industry and their acting styles. So Tollywood senior superstar hero Krishna loves Tollywood hero like crazy. Moreover, no matter what his movie is released, you will definitely not miss it. We know that Tollywood superstar Krishna is a very talented hero.

Krishna is a superstar who pleases people by playing any kind of role. He has acted in more than 350 movies. Moreover, Mahesh Babu, who entered the industry continuing his legacy, regardless of hits and flops, has gained a huge fan following and reigns as one of the top heroes of Tollywood. Earlier in an interview, Superstar Krishna was asked by the anchor who is his favorite hero in the industry..” First of all, I like my son Mahesh Babu, he said that I will never forget the film Rajkumaru that came out in his career”.

After his son Mahesh, the actor who impressed him the most is Young Tiger NTR. They said that I have not seen a hero like Junior NTR anywhere.. NTR knows very well that he will be super successful as a hero in the industry. Moreover, to the question of whether you will act with NTR, you said that you would definitely do a guest role with NTR if given a chance. This news became very viral at that time. In any case, it must be said that Tollywood has lost a star like Krishna.


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