Venu Udugula | A call from a big banner to a flop director.

Director Venu Udugula | Venu Oodugula is a director who came to the industry with a lot of talent in his head. With his first movie ‘Needi Naadi Ok Katha’, he let everyone know the level of his talent. This film could not be commercially safe due to not doing much promotions. But it got a lot of praise. So much so that he got a call from Suresh Productions for his second film. After getting the story OK with Suresh Babu and Cherukuri Sudhakar, he made ‘Virataparvam’ with Rana and Sai Pallavi.

He created a good buzz on this movie right from the title. But I don’t know the reasons, but there was a war for the release of this movie. In addition to this, the Corona epidemic is clinging to this movie. Somehow Suresh Babu released this movie after seeing a good date. With the buzz created before the release, the film dragged something on the first day. But from the second day on, there was no way forward. Apart from that, there are many negative reviews saying that there is a divided talk, a tragic ending and the story is slow. With that, the end of the week came to an end. Not even a quarter of the budget could be collected, leaving the producers with heavy losses.

It takes a few months for the directors who are hits in the industry to make another film. They thought that it would be difficult to get a chance for Venu udugu given such a disaster. But it is known that Venu’s talent cannot be compared to a single disaster that Sitara’s company has given an opportunity. In recent times this company has been promoting young talent more and more. It is said that Venu was also given a chance in the same order. But this time, Venu is ready with a solid commercial script without going into social issues and messages.

What’s more! This time he is going to make a multistarrer with two heroes. It unfolds in the background of a fight between a middle-aged man and a boy. Rumors are rife that a Tamil hero will be cast in the role of a middle-aged man. It is said that the star hero will play the role of a boy. It is known that this film, which is currently undergoing pre-production work, will soon go on the sets. It is heard that they are planning to make this film on a pan-India scale.

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