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Venky Rerelease | Everyone thinks that the demand for re-release movies has decreased. But Venky’s latest movie has once again proved that if the right movie is made, it will be a hit in the theater. This all-time classic comedy movie released in 2004 in the combination of Ravi Teja and Seenu Vaitla was re-released on December 30. Released in very few theatres, Venky has received an incredible response and is slowly increasing the screens. Although the film was supposed to be released in the theater for two days only, after seeing the response, the director and producers extended it to a week. To be honest, most of the star heroes’ films are not getting re-releases in recent times. The audience does not remember that the films of heroes like Chiranjeevi and Jr. NTR also came out.

In 2022, fans celebrated movies like Pokiri, Jalsa, Khushi, Chennakesava Reddy in theatres. 5 to 8 crore gross per movie. Even in the beginning of this year, movies like Ekdudu, Orange, Surya Sannaf Krishnan and Simhadri got a good response. Simhadri collected more than 5 crore gross on the first day. But after that the situation completely changed. No one cared if films like Gang Leader and Adurs were re-released. The fans were also on fire saying that the films of our heroes should not be discredited. At a time like this, if Venky’s film is released again, there were doubts in everyone’s mind. But all doubts were dispelled. The director and producers are also surprised by the response of this movie.

The comedy track between Ravi Teja and Brahmanandam has become an all-time classic in the Telugu industry. Also the train episode is like never before. The same has been repeated in theaters today. I don’t know if you enjoyed this movie so much at the time of release but now you don’t enjoy it as usual. Every scene was a hit in the theater. Especially if there is a dialogue, the whole theater repeats those dialogues with open arms. The entire theaters are shaking with that. Brahmanandam entry is the next level. Fans memorized every dialogue he said. Not only that.. Venumadhav’s songs in the train episode, Ravi Teja’s energy will make the theaters sing. After seeing the response to this movie, there is no doubt that more classic comedy movies will be released.

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