Varsha Emmanuel : Will you stoop to such a low level for TRP… Varsha – Emmanuel is being used well…!

Varsha Emmanuel Channels are not thinking about what they can do for TRP in present times. And to increase their TRP, they are conducting romance between the actors. Rashmi Sudheer is a very popular couple through Jabardasth. It must be said that this couple is very much in demand on the screen. Also, many people believe that these two are really lovers. Sudheer’s fans are very hopeful that it will be good if they both get married. But everyone kept their mouths shut as they knew that their love was on screen and there was no such thing between them off screen. The couple who gained popularity again after Rashmi Sudheer on the Jabardast stage is Emmanuel Varsha. Both of them are entertaining the audience by acting like lovers on screen.Also, they have already married two or three times for TRP rating.

Many times Varsha has expressed her love for Emmanuel. However, it is not confirmed whether they are acting as real lovers or just for writing. Many people are adoring the love track between the two. Meanwhile, the recently released Jabardasth promo has gone viral on social media. Krishna Bhagwan and Posani Krishna Murali appeared as judges in the Extra Jabardast episode which will be aired on November 11. In this order Posani Krishna Murali said… Varsha Emmanuel asked if they were really lovers. To that, Emmanuel said that the woman should tell that thing, sir… If she really loves me, she will clap her hands now.

TRP trick Varsha Emmanuel is being used well

Posani Krishna Murali came on the stage and said that I don’t know if the girl is in love but I like your honesty. Emmanuel said thank you sir.. If you are ok then let’s put it aside and let’s get married sir. Everyone there will be surprised by this. After that, Getup Sheen comes with a tali and prepares to marry Emmanuel Varsha with two peetas. As Immu Varsha watches in surprise, he brings them together and claps Emmanuel’s hand. The promo ends as Emmanuel goes to clap Varsha’s neck. But to know whether Tali is really tied or not, we have to wait for the full episode to air.

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