Varma loved that heroine for 12 years other than Sridevi… How did this love break up..!

Sensational director Ram Gopal Varma once reigned supreme in Bollywood as well as Tollywood. Varma, who made his directorial debut with Nagarjuna’s film Siva in Telugu, then entered Bollywood and scored many super duper hits there. Varma, who was once admired by the entire nation, has recently gone down with cheap movies, adult content movies and boohoo comments.

Now Verma’s level has fallen worse than that of a porn director. We have been seeing how much Varma is behaving like a boss when it comes to girls. Varma has said that he loved Sridevi many times saying that he likes Sridevi the most.

But before Sridevi, Varma also worshiped another star heroine as a goddess. That heroine is Jayasudha, not someone else. When Varma was studying engineering in Vijayawada, Jayasudha was very fond of him. Posters of movies starring Jayasudha used to stay on the walls for hours. Poranki watched Jayasudha starrer Amardeepam seven times at Ramapriya theater.

Varma said that he saw Jayasudha all the time just for the close-up shot. He worshiped her like a goddess for almost 12 years. Varma worked as an assistant director for Jayasudha starrer Rao Gari Illu. Then if you watch her closely and write dialogues and listen to her, will she appreciate it? Varma said to the anxiously waiting man.

But Varma said that he went to her house and rang the calling bell to narrate the story for the movie Money Money. When he saw Jayasudha’s husband Nitin Kapoor in front of him, all his love was gone. How much did he adore Sridevi when he entered the movies? It is known that it has been said many times.

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