Varalaxmi Sharat Kumar: Did not become a villain because he could not do those things.. Varalaxmi Sharat Kumar shocking comments viral

Varalaxmi Sharat Kumar : The film industry itself is a magical world. There must be a lot of talent to get there. Otherwise there should be a compromising mentality. Able to give commitments. Being a heroine is not an ordinary thing. No matter how much beauty and talent it is, it is not easy to excel as a heroine. Many come to the industry with dreams of becoming a heroine. But.. they don’t struggle to match it. Physics is not done in main ten. No commitments are given. Due to this, those who are supposed to become heroines will remain character artists. After all, they are star daughters..

If someone else has beauty and acting, it is not enough.. they have to be able to withstand everything. Star daughter Varalakshmi Sarath Kumar entered the industry to become a heroine. Actually, she entered the industry as Sarath Kumar’s daughter. She has done few films as a heroine. There are very few super hits out of it. That’s why Varalakshmi is more inclined towards villain roles instead of heroine roles. That’s why he got many opportunities as a villain. So she acted as a villain in big movies. Recently, Varalakshmi played the role of the villain in Balakrishna Veerasimha Reddy. Aren’t you heroine material.. Why are you doing it as a villain now?

varalaxmi sharath kumar comments about her heroine role

Varalaxmi Sharat Kumar: Varalaxmi participated in movie promotions

Varalakshmi made many sensational comments when the anchor asked about this when she participated in the promotions of the movie recently. If you want to excel in the industry as a heroine, you have to be glamorous. It is very difficult to get opportunities as a heroine if it is not glamorous. I can’t stand those headaches. That’s why Varalakshmi made shocking comments saying that she is doing villain roles. Varalakshmi Sarath Kumar’s comments are currently going viral on social media. However.. Varalakshmi is showing her ability as a villain by doing villain opportunities in Telugu industry.

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