Varalakshmi Sarathkumar Varalakshmi Sarath Kumar’s interesting comments about working with Samantha

Varalakshmi Sarathkumar Special Interview | Yashoda is the latest movie where Samantha played the title role. Produced by famous producer Shivalenka Krishnaprasad under Sridevi Movies banner. Directed by Hari, Harish. Varalakshmi Sarathkumar played a key role in this movie, which comes in the background of surrogacy. On November 11, Yashoda is going to hit the screens. Varalakshmi Sarath Kumar interacted with the media on this occasion. Those things are for you…

What was your reaction when you heard Yashoda’s story?

How are such characters written? How did you think of this story? I asked in surprise. If you see the trailer… my character is very calm. More about the character is revealed as the story progresses. I made a roll with shades of grey. The relationship between Samantha’s character, my character… our stories are interesting.

What were the challenges you faced till this script?

There are no big challenges. Like Samantha I didn’t do any fights. I have done a good character as an actress. I challenge myself to do a different role. That seemed challenging.

For you to do Yashoda, what aspects of this story impressed you?

Along with Samantha, my character is also parallel. Samantha played the lead role in the movie. She will need one. Then my character will enter. Two stories take place. How did the two meet? is a movie. This is a science fiction thriller movie. You can say that I am the second lead. Telling more than this will reveal the story. They showed good and bad in everyone.

Is your doctor character?

Andi is not a doctor. The head of the surrogacy facility center shown in the trailer. She is very rich. I like money. The character is in stark contrast to my dressing style and other aspects in real life. A character who loves himself very much.

Tell us about directors Hari and Harish!

Both the directors are very com. Among the directors I have worked with, I have never seen anyone so calm. I have never seen either of them shout. They know what they want. A lot of research was done for each character. Many people relate to the roles of women. That’s how the characters were designed.

How is the film going to be technically?

Cinematographer Sukumar has shot brilliantly. Music plays an important role in the film. Mani Sharma is providing good music. The ticket price you pay has value. The movie has such good content. There are quality visuals. Our producer Shivalenka Krishna Prasad has put up the sets at great expense. Art director work is visible.

Discussions are going on in India about surrogacy. What is the story going to be like?

Surrogacy is nothing complicated. Some actors resorting to surrogacy has led to discussions. Many childless people are getting a chance through surrogacy. Surrogacy is a topic in this story! It does not talk about good and bad. This is a fictional story. But, it seems that there are such people in the society.

Who is your favorite character in Yashoda?

I like the depth of my character. Yashoda’s character is also a very strong role. Samantha struggled a lot. The story is my favorite more than the characters. There are some scenes between me and Rao Ramesh. Also… Unni Mukundan, I have madhya seans. Everything is good. In Yashoda, Katha is the hero. We are all just characters in that story.

He did a first time movie with Samantha. How was the working experience with her?

I have known Samantha for ten or twelve years. We met in Chennai. He has serious scenes in the movie. I used to make jokes if I got a shooting gap. She used to smile. Why make such jokes before the shot? is It’s fun to act with him. She is a strong woman. Lived in character. Powerful role well done.

You have a fan following in Telugu. About the Telugu audience…

I am getting good roles after Jayamma in crack movie. Writers are writing characters specifically for me. Now I am doing more films in Telugu. No room to go out. No dates to do Tamil movies. I don’t get stereo type roles. It is happy.

What movies are you currently doing?

I am doing Sabari in Telugu. I have a lead role in it. I am a crazy character in Veera Simha Reddy. There are other movies.

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