Vani Jairam | Bond of many births..

Her voice… pours out bursts of melodious tunes at every beat. The sweetness of that amrita song touches the amber with amitananda. Like the cool welcome of white snow screens, it comforts weary hearts. There is no one who does not thrill in that vocal tract. She is a honeypot that oozes honey with every word. Vani Jayaram has entertained three generations with her melodious voice. A few thousand songs in her musical journey. Every song is a soulmate. That amritgalam, which was praised by music lovers saying that such a voice could be found, became mute forever.

The film music world has lost another iconic singer. Veteran playback singer Vani Jayaram (77) passed away in Chennai. She was born on November 30, 1945 in Vellore, Tamil Nadu. Her real name is Kalaivani. He sang about 10 thousand songs in 14 languages ​​including Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam, Marathi, Oriya, Gujarati, Assamese, Tulu, Bengali, Haryani, Hindi. Sung private albums of hundreds of devotional songs. Recently, the central government announced the Padma Bhushan award to her. Vani Jayaram has been awarded three times as National Best Female Singer. She won national awards for her films ‘Apoorva Ragangal’ in Tamil, ‘Sankarabharanam’ and ‘Swathikiranam’ in Telugu. She won National Best Female Singer Awards for the songs ‘Manasa Sancharare’ in ‘Sankarabharanam’ and ‘Anathiniyara Hara..’ in ‘Swathikiranam’.

Some melodious songs sung by Vani

  • You are my Nadi (Pooja) of many births.
  • Manasa Sancharare (Shankarabharanam)
  • Sagara Sangamame (Butterfly)
  • Srisurya Narayana Meluko ​​(Mangammagari’s grandson)
  • Innirasula Uniki (Shrtilayas)
  • Andela Ravamidi (Golden Lotus)
  • A Vrindavana (friction)
  • Anathiniyara Hara (Swatikirana)

The house is a music hall

Vani Jayaram’s father is Duraisamy Iyengar and mother is Padmavathi. They have a large family of nine children. Vani Jayaram was born as the fifth child among six girls. Her mother Padmavati was a Veena scholar. From childhood there was a musical atmosphere in her home. He learned Carnatic music in his childhood. At the age of 8, he sang songs on Allindia Radio. This show brought her good name. Vani Jayaram, who graduated from Madras Queen Mary College, worked in a bank for several years. He came to Hyderabad from Madras on transfer.

With the encouragement of the husband

Vani got married to Jayaram in 1969. After that he shifted his residence to Mumbai. Knowing his wife’s singing talent, Jayaram trained her in Hindustani classical music. After that he gave many performances in Mumbai. Noticing her talent, music director Vasanth Desai sang the song ‘Runanubandhacha’ in a Marathi album. This is the first song recorded by Vani Jayaram. The song was well received and she got many opportunities. Opportunities have started coming in regional languages ​​as well. This couple has no children. Jayaram passed away in 2018.

Telugu song is special

Vani Jayaram used to say that Telugu song is very special in his career. In 1973, she was introduced to the Telugu audience with the film ‘Abhimanavanutulu’ sung by SP Kodandapani. She sang the first Telugu song in the film, ‘Ibtipivale Bahirira Na Swami’. The movie ‘Pooja’ released in 1975 brought popularity to Vani Jayaram. The film ‘Ennenno Janmala Bandham Needi Naadi’ became a big hit. In K. Vishwanath’s classic film ‘Shankarabharanam’, songs like Brochevaravarura, Dorakuna sukhi seva, Manasa Sancharare, Paluke Bangaramayena, Ee Peeraga Nanu won the hearts of the listeners. She won the National Award for Best Female Singer for the song ‘Manasa Sancharare’ from the film. She was once again selected as the National Best Female Singer for the song ‘Anathiniyara Hara’ from the film ‘Swathikiranam’. Many memorable songs in films like ‘Maro Charitra’, ‘Butterfly’, ‘Sitamalakshmi’, ‘Mangammagari Manavadu’, ‘Sankeerthana’ and ‘Gharshana’ spread her singing melodiousness. This year, the Union Government announced the prestigious Padma Bhushan award to Vani Jayaram for his services in the field of arts.

Her voice is diverse

Vani Jayaram is appreciated by music directors as a singer who can sing any type of song. Vani Jayaram’s Telugu songs with music direction by Ilayaraja and KV Mahadevan brought him fame. No matter how complex the songs are, she sings them in a way that impresses the listeners. Being trained in Carnatic and Hindustani classical music and familiarity with traditional music gave Vani Jayaram the ability to sing any song. Even if she sings a Vrindavanam Soyagam…she shouts “Brochevarura” or she sings “Sri Surya Narayana Meluko”, sweet songs flowed from her voice. Singing thousands of different songs in 14 languages ​​is proof of her talent and versatility.

Listening to songs secretly..

As Vani Jayaram comes from a classical music family background, there was a complete ban on film songs in her house. Vani Jayaram developed a passion for film songs in such an environment. She secretly listens to songs on the radio with low volume. After listening to popular movie songs, I came to a strong decision that I should always sing songs in movies. Vani Jayaram has said on many occasions that her musical journey took a turn after marriage. After arriving in Mumbai with her husband, Vani Jayaram trained in Carnatic music for six years under Pandit Ravi Shankar. Mastered by practicing for 18 hours every day. She practiced Hindustani music under Ustad Abdul Rahman.

A great loss to the music world

The death of legendary singer, Padma Bhushan Mrs. Vani Jayaram is a great loss to the music world. She entertained the audience by singing thousands of songs in 14 languages. Vani Jayaram’s services to the film industry are unforgettable. My deepest condolences to her family members.

– Chief Minister KCR

Can’t believe the sad news

Can’t believe the news of legendary singer Vani Jayaram’s death. I spoke to her a few days ago. Vani Jayaram is a great singer who has sung songs in multiple languages ​​with strong traditional musical talent. Praying for her soul to rest in peace.

– Singer image

The listeners were delighted

The death of popular singer Vani Jayaram is sad. Besides Telugu, her songs in many languages ​​impressed the listeners. Songs from the movie ‘Sankarabharanam’ will never be forgotten. It is sad that she passed away without receiving the Padma Bhushan award recently.

– Pawan Kalyan

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