Vammo Yash is such a big Mudura… He showed the dots…!

Before the release of one movie called KJF, the real Kannada hero Yash was not even known. This single movie made Yash a rocking star as well as an unstoppable pan India hero. Yash has now become a rival hero to the big heroes of Bollywood. After such a big hit, Yash is getting offers of pan India range of films one after another. What kind of attitude will another hero show for getting this star rank? Needless to say.

But Yash is very down to earth. Recently, the Indian cinema people were shocked by the answers given at the India Today Conclave in Mumbai. He said that he belongs to the Kannada industry.. He thinks about his industry.. The diversity of our cultures is our strength.. Moreover, Sandalwood has improved.. Bollywood has improved.

Needless to say, Yash’s words are a proof of his maturity. No matter how much Rajdeep Sardesai tries to trouble Yash, Yash does not lose his balance. He gave a very strong counter. At the end, answering the question that the people of Maharashtra claim Belgaum as their own, what is one Belgaum? If possible ask for a specific country? You said and scolded Rajdeep.

Rajdeep said again that Kantara would be happy even without you. That is my movie. He proudly said that he will enjoy any movie in Kannada.. But it is our home’s movie. Rishib is also ours… He says how his film is lost without mine.

Real victories don’t go to our boys.. they don’t make us go astray. My dad still drives the bus.. How is my son’s success my success? He asks if it will happen. He says that they will be down to earth.. We will fly in the clouds. Rajdeep Sardesai lost his mind with Yash’s answers. Let’s hope to have all star heroes like Yash..!

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