UV Creations, who believed in the Sankranti hit formula.. will it work out this time?

kalyanam Kamaneeyam Movie | UV Creations is one of the top production houses in Tollywood. This company, which started with a series of hits, has not been able to get a proper hit since the last two or three years. And last year with ‘Radheshyam’, Moota suffered a huge defeat. UV Creations lost around Rs.150 crores with this movie. But this company is moving forward considering that losses are normal in the industry. Currently three films are being made under this banner. ‘Kalyanam Kamaniyam’ is one of them. This film, which is being made in the lead role of Santosh Shobhan, was completed silently without anyone knowing when it started and when it was completed.

Most people didn’t even know that such a movie existed until the UV company announced it. If there is already a war going on for Sankranti, UV is unexpectedly releasing this film on Sankranti. So far there are no predictions on this movie. But if there is positive talk, there is a chance of getting hit. But something magical has to happen for this movie to become a hit. Because there is a big circle around this movie. The movies ‘Veera Simha Reddy’, ‘Waltheru Veeraiya’, ‘Varasudu’ and ‘Tegimpu’ will be released by the time this movie is released. Out of these four movies, which two movies got positive talk, the movie ‘Kalyanam Kamaniyam’ will face a problem. Theaters are almost non-existent. Only a limited number can be found at a time.

And they should know why UV is releasing this company after taking such a risk. But in the past too, it released ‘Express Raja’ for Sankranti 2016 against films like ‘Nannaku Premato’, ‘Dictator’ and ‘Soggade Chinni Nayana’. Till then no big promotions were done. But this movie was an exceptional success and brought good profits to UV. After that, two years later, the film ‘Bhagamati’ was released in competition with the films ‘Ajnathavasi’ and ‘Jai Simha’ for Sankranti. But as those two films were already getting flop talk, Bhagamati came together for the film.

Now, with the same courage, there are whispers in Tollywood that UV will release the movie ‘Kalyana Vaibhogame’. However, the image of Sharwanand and Anushka came together for Express Raja and Bhagmati movies. But Santosh Shobhan is an actor who is gaining recognition now. Moreover, the last movie he acted in was Disaster. It must be said that releasing Kalyanam Kamaniyam at a time like this is a risk. Moreover, the promotions of this movie are also limited. Neither the released songs nor the teaser has created any buzz so far. It remains to be seen how far this film will survive the competition of those four films.

Anil Kumar Alla has directed the film as a rom-com entertainer. Priya Bhavani Shankar acted opposite Santosh Shobhan. Produced by UV Concepts, Shravan Bharadwaj has composed the music for this film.

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