Ustaad Bhagat Singh Pawan Kalyan Clarity on Glass Glass Dialogue in Ustad Bhagat Singh

Ustaad Bhagat Singh Pawan Kalyan (Pawan Kalyan) and Harish Shankar (Harish Shankar) combination of the latest film Ustad Bhagat Singh (UstaadBhagatSingh). Pawan Kalyan is playing the title role and fans have been waiting for glimpses of Bhagats Blaze. It is known that Pawan Kalyan who said in Glimpses, “Break the performance this time.. Padunekkuddi as the glass breaks in Bhagats Blaze.. Remember that glass does not mean size.. It is known that he said the dialogue that creates political heat.

This dialogue has become a topic of discussion in Filmnagar circles as well as political parties. Recently, Pawan Kalyan clarified the reason behind putting this dialogue. Pawan Kalyan was asked about Gaju’s glass dialogue in a meeting.. There is a dialogue related to glass in the film. Is this right for Ustad Bhagat Singh? (Clarifying to his party members). If the character in the movie drops a glass on the floor, it shatters into pieces. To that I would say the glass is more powerful if it breaks. I asked Harish Shankar why he wrote such a dialogue in the film. Harish Shankar, who expressed his feelings that some people are making fun of me for losing the election, said that dialogue for them.

I don’t like to use such dialogues in my films, but Harish Shankar was very clear on that dialogue so I said it very specifically. Harish Shankar says that my fans don’t like my silence when someone insults me. Pawan Kalyan said that Harishshankar aggressively wanted to be a part of that dialogue.

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Bhagat’s Blaze


Ustad Bhagat Singh’s action mood is like this..


Ustad Bhagat Singh First Glimpses..

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