Urvasivo Rakshasivo: ‘Urvasivo Rakshasivo’ OTT partner lock.. not one but two!

Urvasivo Rakshasivo: Young hero Allu Sirish’s latest movie ‘Urvasivo Rakshasivo’ released today amid good buzz across the world. The audience is showing interest in watching this movie as the film unit has made it as a complete romantic entertainer. While Andala Bhama Anu Emmanuel is playing the heroine in this movie, the chemistry between this pair is amazing, say the movie watchers.

Urvasivo Rakshasivo: ‘Urvasivo Rakshasivo’ Movie Completed With Censor Works!

As this movie is receiving good positive talk, everyone is interested to see how successful this movie will be at the box office in the coming days. Meanwhile, an interesting news related to this movie is doing the rounds on social media. While the digital rights of this film are already locked, the film will be streamed on two OTT platforms.

Urvasivo Rakshasivo Trailer : With so many EMIs one should not think about any girl.. Urvasivo Rakshasivo trailer release..

Along with popular OTT platform Aha, Netflix will also be streaming the movie Urvashivo Rakshasivo. But when the movie will be streamed is still to be clarified. Directed by Rakesh Shashi, this youthful romantic entertainer movie is jointly produced by Dhiraj Mogileni and Vijay.

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