Urfi Javed : We will kill you if you wear such clothes.. Threats to Urfi.. Urfi Javed is fired..

Urfi Javed: Everyone knows about Bollywood’s brother Urfi Javed. Urfi has gained fame mainly because of the clothes she wears. Urfi rushes to wear new dresses, hiding only her private parts so that almost her entire body is visible. Papers, bags, pieces of glass, curtain, blades. Wherever it comes out, it will shock everyone.

Even if she doesn’t have a problem with those dresses and exposing her body, it is still a little embarrassing for those around her. Urfi Javed does not care about this. Many actresses wear short dresses but no one wears them like Urfi Javed. Urfi Javed has already been threatened a few times in the past regarding these dresses. Recently there are threats to kill Urfi Javed.

Vishal: Once again Vishal has given clarity on marriage.

A person among Urfi Javed’s acquaintances recently warned Urfi Javed to wear proper clothes and not to turn around undressed and threatened to kill him if he did so. Recently, Urfi Javed became serious about this. He shared the words of that person on his social media.. He was good to me in the past. He is saying this because I did not favor him. However, it is up to us what kind of clothes to wear. To say who you are. I will go around like this and it was fire. Urfi Javed has once again become viral in Bollywood.

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