Upendra | If you understand this movie, you are a superstar.. Upendra’s interesting comments on the movie ‘UI’

Upendra Next Movie | Needless to say, Upendra is not only an actor but also a director. The movies directed by him are proof of beauty. Every movie directed by Upendra is a hit. The hero characterization in his films seems like a real life character rather than fiction. He makes movies that are satirical and entertaining at the same time while pointing out the flaws in the society. Popular film website ‘IMDB’ has given Upendra 17th position in the top-50 world’s best directors.. one can understand his level.

However, Upendra has been away from directing for some time now. At the same level, he is very busy as an actor. After taking a gap of almost seven years, he took the megaphone again with the movie ‘UI’. This movie is currently shooting. Glimpse, which was released on the occasion of New Year, brought huge expectations on the movie. But there is no update about this movie for the last few days. Recently, Upendra shared some interesting facts about this movie in the promotions of ‘Kabja’.

Talking about the movie ‘UI’ in a recent interview, ‘This is the movie I am directing after a long time. You will see my taste screenplay and direction in this movie. He said that if you understand this movie, you will become a superstar. Because of that, the audience has created a lot of expectations about the movie. Netizens are surprised by Upendra’s confidence in this movie. In fact, many netizens are of the opinion that to understand Upendra’s movies, the brain needs to work a lot.

Upendra starrer Kabja will release pan India on March 17. Kiccha Sudeep is playing the lead role and Shriya is playing the heroine in this movie.

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