Upasana Konidela: Mega daughter-in-laws who bought a new electric car will be shocked if they know the price

Upasana Konidela: Upasana Konidela is not only the wife of megapower star Ram Charan but also got a special identity for herself. This mega daughter-in-law, who is performing her duties efficiently as the vice-chairperson of Apollo Life and editor of Be Positive magazine, is leading in many service activities. As an animal lover, she is protecting hundreds of animals and is organizing many charity programs related to the environment. Like this, Upasana, who has received praise from many people for her many social service activities, bought a new car. Audi bought Audi e-tron, an electric car from Audi company. Later, this matter was shared on social media. It is reported that the value of this car is around Rs.1.66 crores.

Sharing a video of her new car on social media, Upasana said, ‘Everything is getting upgraded in this world. I am also updated accordingly. As part of that, I bought the Audi Itron. This car is very suitable for my needs. It is also very convenient for travel. Most importantly, the voice commanding option is even better.

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