Upasana Kamineni: Upasana in a special saree for the Oscars.. Do you know what that sari specialty is?

Hyderabad: It is known that hero Ramcharan’s wife Upasana will be seen on the Oscars red carpet. But she wore a special saree for the event. She said that the saree was woven by handloom artisans from Telangana. Upasana, who was a special attraction in a white saree, said a few things about that special saree (silk saree) on her Instagram.

Upasana posted the photos of the Oscars ceremony on his Instagram. In her post, she explained in detail about the work behind the saree, which looks traditional. She said that Jayanthi Reddy designed the saree worn for the Academy Awards. Bina Goenka from Mumbai has also revealed that she has done gem work.



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Designer Jayanthi Reddy is from Hyderabad. Handloom artists are said to weave silk sari. This fashion saree has been developed from recycled scrap. And Upasana spoke specifically about the neck piece. The neck piece, which has a very delicate look, is said to have been made by jewelery designer Bina Goenka. It took four years for that design work.

The highest quality natural pearls are used for the neck piece jewellery. She also said that 400 carats of high quality rubies were used. Upasana said in her post that the designers and weavers worked very hard to make her look beautiful at the Oscars and she really appreciates their dedication and passion.

It is known that Upasana Bharatha Ramcharan’s Natu Natu song from the RRR movie got an Oscar award.

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