Upasana burning for mega fans..? Do you have limits on a daily basis?

Mega daughter-in-law upasana.. will mega fans heart..? Some mega fans say yes. We all know that the moment that Mega fans have been waiting for for the past ten years is finally here. Mega daughter-in-law Upasana is going to be mother. Megastar Chiranjeevi has officially announced that. After that Charan – Upasana made noise in many events and mega fans became full Khushi Khushi.

However, the upasana couple became a special attraction at the recent Oscar event. Upasana’s pregnant news was telecasted in Hollywood media too. Charan officially announced that his wife is pregnant. Not only that, he also hinted that it was Aronela. But her baby bump is not visible at all. If someone sees it, is it actually pregnant? Isn’t it..? Upasana’s stomach is such that doubts are born.

In this order, some people are saying that Upasana is not pregnant..others are saying that she is not pregnant..but she is having children through surrogacy. Already this news is going viral. But Upasana’s non-response to such news is hurting the fans. Mega fans are angry saying why Upasana is not responding.

Moreover, at least if Megastar Chiranjeevi responds to such news, it will give relief to Mega fans too.. Is Mega Kodalu Upasana pregnant..? They are making comments saying that the confusion is still there among the fans. Upasana pregnancy news in this sequence will go viral. Meanwhile, Present Upasana is buzzing with RRRT team in America.

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