Unstoppable with NBK: In Unstoppable, AP Capital Heat.. Sensational comments of former CM and Speakers on three capitals

Unstoppable is a celebrity talk show hosted by Nandamuri actor Simham Balakrishna. This chat show, which is being aired on popular Telugu OTT platform Aha, is getting unprecedented popularity. Unstoppable, which has already successfully completed its first season, is ramping up non-stop in its second season as well. But in the first season, the organizers of Aha, who invited only film celebrities, are giving a little political touch to the second season. As part of this, Balakrishna surprised everyone by inviting TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu as a guest for the first episode. Young heroes Siddu Jonnalagadda and Vishvak Sen attended the second episode while Sharwanand and Adavi Shesh attended the third episode. Meanwhile, former chief minister of Andhra Pradesh Nallari Kiran Kumar Reddy and former speaker Suresh Reddy were invited as chief guests for the fourth episode and tried to give a political touch once again.

Aha team has already released a promo for the fourth episode. In this, the friendship between Kiran Kumar Reddy and Balakrishna and the mischief done by the two in their college days have been shown very well. Recently another promo was released regarding this episode. Balayya touched on political matters in this. Mainly in relation to the three capitals of AP, Kiran Kumar and Suresh Reddy were asked a barrage of questions. To this he gave an interesting answer saying ‘Previous situations are different… current situations are different, with the current litigations’. On the other hand, Suresh Reddy gave an interesting answer about the three capitals saying ‘diversity is not unity…diversity is unity’. We have to wait till Friday (November 25) to fully know the views of Kiran Kumar Reddy and Suresh Reddy on the politics going on in the three capitals and two Telugu states. Because this episode is going to be streaming tomorrow itself. Actress Radhika also participated in this show along with both of them. Overall, the promo looks like it touches on political issues as well as being fun.

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