Unstoppable: Sharwanand, Adivi Sesh, who danced naked.. Balayya who got together..

Unstoppable: The second season of Unstoppable hosted by Balayya Babu is continuing grandly. Two episodes have already been completed. They got a huge response. In the first episode, Chandrababu and Lokesh raga, in the second episode, Sidhu Jonnalagadda and Vishwak Sen came and created a ruckus. In the third episode, young heroes Sharwanand and Adivi Shesh came to the Unstoppable show and created a buzz.

This episode was full of fun. Balayya said that a fun game will be played as part of the episode. He said that if the news that appeared on the screen is true, whoever it is related to should be exposed. The two young heroes were shocked by this. Balayya convinced them both. As a result, the news on the screen changed once to Sharva and again to Adivi Sesh.

Balakrishna : Unstoppable.. Marriages are done here..

Balayya was jokingly fired that first Sharva took the watch and then took off the clothes. After that Balayya took the phone and cards from Sharva. Sesh also took off his watch first. After that, when the song was played, both Sharwanand and Adivi Shesh danced and took off their suits one after the other. Balayya also took off his suit and danced to the song Balakrishna Paisa Vasool in Lost. In the whole show, Balayya made a lot of noise by stepping along with Adivi Sesh and Sharvanand. This episode will become completely viral.

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