Unstoppable-3 | The third season of Unstoppable is coming.. This time Balayya’s thinking will change..!

Unstoppable-3 | The Unstoppable show brought Balayya very close to his fans. People outside usually think that Balayya is angry on the nose and just gets irritated. But even if he looks serious, it is said in the industry that Balayya has the mentality of a small child. Balayya is really a funny man off screen with the show Unstoppable. The way he respects those who are older than him, he teases the younger ones in the same way. With that show, even those who had a negative opinion of Balayya for years started to admire him. This talk show has impressed people.

This talk show, which has already successfully completed two seasons, is now ready for the third season. Season-3 will be made more grand this time. Inside talk is that the shoot for the first episode has already been completed. It is reported that the first episode is going to be streamed as a Dussehra gift. Geetha Arts, which brought in stars like Prabhas and Pawan Kalyan in the second season, is going to release Chiranjeevi alone this time. Moreover, it is known that NTR is also coming as a guest in the third season.

The third season is going to be streamed under the name of Limited Edition. Moreover, it is also reported that this is the last season of Unstable.

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