Unstoppable 2 : Balayya Babu Unstoppable season 2 launch in Vijayawada among 30 thousand fans..

Unstoppable 2: Balayya Babu is in full form since last year. Akhanda became the biggest hit in the career of the movie, Balayya’s fans are full of happiness as Aha’s new show called Unstoppable became a hit. The audience also says that they want to see Balayya like this.

Balayya recently announced that Unstoppable Season 2 will be coming in Aaha as the host and raised more hypes on the show. They also released a rap song called Unstoppable Yantham. Along with Balayya’s fans, the audience is also waiting to see when the new season will come and who will be the celebrities. Balayya posted the photos in cowboy getup and announced that Unstoppable season 2 will be more new this time.

Naveen polishetty : Once passers or events were not allowed to enter here.. Now the chief guest came..

Recently, another interesting thing has been announced by the organizers of this show. Unstoppable season 2 teaser will be released on 4th October. But this is not normal and it has been announced that Unstoppable season 2 teaser will be released grandly on 4th October in the presence of around 30 thousand fans in Vijayawada. This is the first time that such a grand teaser launch has been organized for an OTT show. Passes have already been given to the fans. This has increased expectations on this show.

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