Unstoppable 2: Antonna Balayya with his friends.

Unstoppable 2: We see the response to Nandamuri Balakrishna’s ‘Unstoppable-2’ talk show. From the first episode to the third episode, Balayya’s noise with the guests was not all that much. People who have watched this talk show say that the way Balayya is taking this talk show forward by making him share many interesting things about his personal and professional life with the audience is amazing.

Unstoppable 2: Two more young heroes for Balayya’s talk show.

But recently, Aha organizers have released a promo for the next episode of this talk show. He said that this time Balakrishna’s friends are coming as guests on the Unstoppable 2 show. “After seeing Balayya’s family, today I want to introduce Balayya’s friendship…” Balayya called his close friends, former CM of AP State Kiran Kumar Reddy and former speaker K. Suresh Reddy, who have made a special name for themselves in AP state politics, as guests for this episode. Balayya shared his friendship with them on this occasion.

Unstoppable 2: DJ Tillu who made everyone laugh.. made Balayya cry..

Also, the reasons why Kiran Kumar Reddy became the CM… he explained the politics he saw in this episode. But on this occasion the late leader Y.S. When Rajasekhar Reddy was mentioned… ‘We miss great personalities, and great leaders.. Rajasekhar Reddy is one of them’ Balayya said about him. And while Balayya was playing cricket with Kiran Kumar Reddy, senior heroine and actress Radhika also made an entry in the middle. We are only shown a sample of Balayya’s mischief with Radhika in this promo. For complete entertainment, watch this episode on November 25, says Aha.

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