Typhoon warning

It is a beautiful hill station. There is a boy who leads a comfortable life in it. In his life there was an unexpected destruction like a typhoon. How did the boy get out of those situations? The film is being made as an answer to the question, ‘Tufoon Warn’. ‘When time locks all your doors, destiny brings you the key’ is the subtitle. Rakhi and Suhana Mudwari are acting as a couple. Jagadish K.K. Director.

Dr. Srinivas Kishan Anapu, Dr. Rajinikanth S and Sunny Bansal are the producers. ‘This is not just a story. a life The story is set in the backdrop of the snow-capped green hills of Lambasingi and Chintapalli. We did some filming during the snow season. We shot the rest of the scenes after waiting for the whole year to avoid seasonal variations. The result will be seen on the silver screen tomorrow.’ said the director. Camera: R. Naidu, Lyrics: Arunveer, Composer: Sarayu Talashila, Production: Sripada Creations.

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