TV9 Exclusive: Kichha Sudeep on South vs Bollywood debate – “Content is everything…”

South superstar Kicha Sudeep (Kiccha Sudeepa) Soon his much awaited film ‘Vikrant Rona’ (Vikrant Rona) Will be seen in The film is being awaited for a long time. Fans are also very excited about this film. This film of Kicha Sudeep is going to be released in theaters on July 28. But before the release of the film, he is promoting it in full swing. Recently, in a conversation with TV9 Bharatvarsh Digital, Kicha Sudeep has said many things about Salman Khan and South and Bollywood apart from his film.

Kicha revealed about South and Bollywood

On the recent controversy regarding South and Bollywood, when Kichcha Sudeep was asked that it does not make any difference to the business of both the films, Sudeep said, ‘How does this happen. If a company like Ambani is running in one country, then it is not that there cannot be another company. Not so in the industry. There are many superstars here, there are many directors. How many fridays are there in a year but every friday has to be yours?

This Friday is yours but the coming Friday could be someone else’s. And the people of both the industries respect each other and are inspired by each other. If Ramajauli sir has made his name, then he has not made it by eliminating anyone, he has made it with his own hard work. If ‘KGF 2’ has come, then it has not come by stepping on someone’s shoulder, it has come because of some hard work. If Hindi films are also running, it does not mean that they are coming after finishing South.

Now people are getting to know about South films – Kiccha

Kicha Sudeep said about South films and Hindi films that, many people do not know what is happening in South films, but the exposure that South films are getting right now, people know the name of everyone. Used to be. Like we used to talk about Hindi films earlier, who are the superstars, which directors are making good films and all this is happening now with South films, so it is very good.

There has been a good relationship between Visually South and Hindi film industry. Sometimes bad times have to be seen, which was being told about Bollywood that no film is running but ‘Bhool Bhulaiya 2’ did a great job and everything went well again.

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Kiccha calls Salman Khan the ‘special person’ of his life

When Kichha was asked about his relationship with Salman Khan and working with him, he said, ‘It feels very good to call Salman sir a friend but I want to make him sit in the place of an elder brother and the same They are. If you have kept us in your heart then it will be fine there. Whenever he calls, I go.

I love listening to them. For me, that time is a fan moment whenever I meet him. And I love meeting him just like that, other than that I don’t want anything. It was only after working with him that I got the job. Got to see them up close. He is a special person of my life.

We have come up with only one content – Kicha Sudeep

Talking about ‘RRR’ and ‘KGF’, Kicha Sudeep said that when ‘RRR’ came, he had become a Rajamouli brand by that time. ‘KGF’ also made a place among the people. We have come only with the content but we will go by opening a window. We are not saying that any magic will happen. Whatever my film will get, it will be an extension.

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