Trisha : Why is Trisha so mad about that hero .. Just saying his name, this kid is going crazy..!!

Trisha: Trisha was introduced to the Telugu audience with Tarun’s Telugu movie ‘Nee Manasu Nak Mana’. After this movie, she became the heroine in the movie ‘Varsha’ with Prabhas and gained full popularity. There is no doubt that this movie will be an evergreen movie forever. Trisha never looked back after this movie. She rose to the star heroine range by doing films with star heroes consecutively. She acted with all star heroes in Tollywood for five or six years.

Trisha turned into a golden leg with consecutive hit movies. After a long gap, Trisha started the second innings grandly. She acted in ‘Ponniyan Selvan’ directed by Mani Ratnam. With this film also getting positive talk, offers are coming in a row in Kollywood. Currently Trisha is more than 30 years old. But till now her beauty is not intact at all. Recently Trisha’s movie ‘Rangi’ was released. She is getting good marks in this movie.

Trisha crazy comments about that star hero

In the promotions of this movie, Trisha made crazy comments on superstar Rajinikanth. I like Rajinikanth sir. She said that she wants to act as a full-time heroine with him. Previously Rajinikanth’s Trisha’s combination of Peta movie came out. Now she is acting opposite Kollywood star heroes Vijay and Ajith. Both these are good offers for her. At this time, Trisha will not have to look back for another three or four years if she gets a chance in a Rajinikanth film. That’s why there are whispers that Rajinikanth is chanting to drop you.

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