Trisha: Oh no.. Any girl.. Looks like Trisha.. Shocking netizens..

It is said that there are seven people like one person in this world. In many cases, we have directly seen another person who looks like a person.. or people who look like them. We also listen to the words of others. But there are also those who make celebrity comparisons. Recently we have been seeing such photos and videos on social media. We have already seen girls with beauty similarities of Bollywood beauty Deepika Padukone and South beauty star late heroine. And now a girl named Deepika Vijay has also come in the same category.

Did you see a girl in the photo above? It seems that there is a doubt that Trisha has become a little thinner? But the real thing is different. The name of the girl who looks exactly like Trisha in the above photo is Deepika Vijay. Hailing from Mysore, she looks similar to Acham Trisha. Trisha makes movies on her Instagram accounts too. With this, the number of Deepika’s followers also increased as Accham looked like Trisha. Netizens are shocked to open Deepika’s profile to know about her. Not just in one photo.. in almost all the videos and photos Trisha looks the same. So you are Trisha’s sister? They are commenting saying, look like Trish, super.


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