Top Heroine: “My son left the house after seeing the scene of me stripping on TV” Top Heroine..!

Top Heroine : Do you know Sharon Stone? She is a Hollywood heroine. Most of the movies he acted in became super duper hits. One of them is basic instinct. The movie became a Hollywood thriller and became a super duper hit. Sharon played a leading role in that movie. It has been more than 30 years since this movie came out. That movie created a big sensation at that time. She acted amazingly in erotic scenes. It is a wonderful movie with an erotic touch. That movie made him an overnight star. But.. that movie made zero for him personally. Sharon’s film career is good but..

hollywood heroine sharon stone lost her son

The personal life has left immense losses in that movie. In that movie, she acted in romantic movies. They are not romantic scenes. Beyond that. Because of them he had to stay away from his own son. Sharon recently revealed this in a podcast. Her husband divorced her 8 years after the release of that movie. At the time of divorce, there was a discussion about who should have the son. Do you know what kind of films your mother is making then judge her son? He asked. Due to this, his son is away from him.

Top Heroine : Basic Instinct movie that ruined Sharon’s life

Sharon said that her personal life was destroyed by the movie Basic Instinct.. That’s why she got so much fame because of that movie.. All the image of that movie was damaged. A year after the release of that movie, Sharon got the Golden Globe Award. When he was called on the stage to receive the award, everyone laughed at him. It hurt him a lot. Sharon told all these things in the latest podcast.

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