TOP 9 ET News: Proud Moment 👏 Modi – Cherry on the same stage..! | Whether the movie has started or not.. then the leak.!

Welcome to Top 9 ET Show. Most trending.. And! Now let’s see what is the latest hottest ET news..!

01. Charan Will Share The Stage With Modi
A proud moment👏 Modi cherry on one stage!

Cherry started her journey in Tollywood. Buzzed in the American media. It has become a hot topic in Hollywood film festivals. Raised to Oscar range. Flashed fiercely on the red carpet. As the most mentioned star.. climbed to the history of the academy. And now he is going to stand next to Indian Prime Minister Modi.

02.Pksdt Shoot Photo Leak
Pawan’s movie leaks!

Leak…! Now the word that is troubling the film industry. Scary word! Sad word! And now the same word is going around Pawan Kalyan’s new film.

03. Rana Naidu created record viewership netflix
If you leave the shoes.. Venky’s uncle has set a record…

What are you talking about? There are shoes..! There are disturbing scenes..! What is the meaning of a series hitting the top rank? Like a serious hit..! It’s good..! So as always.. Venky uncle is super Annatte.. !

04.naatu natu song oscars 2023 win bought netizens slammed jacqueline fernandez
Bollywood celebrity’s words on RRR winning Oscar

This is the problem with some people! Their joy is in spoiling the joy of getting Oscar! That’s it, their satanic! Now the celebrity who spoke like that is yours… The Telugu world is going crazy.

05.Rehaman Shocking Comments on Indian Oscar Jury

Rahman who never talks so much..! He said something strongly! Said without passion! Said directly with the media! All were made to look at the Indian Oscar selection jury.

06. Thalapathy Vijay Is The Name Behind Jawan Postponement
Because of Vijay.. Shahrukh’s movie is in trouble..!

Finally..! How so..! Shahrukh broke Baahubali’s record! They wanted to release another movie with the same Josh.. with the same Oop.. But because of our Kollywood star hero… they have become silent for once. Hot news in Beetown right now.

07.Bollywood actress Divya Khosla Kumar badly injured sets
Thumb: Love Today heroine seriously injured..

Everyone thinks that shooting a movie is.. fun.. It is said that the heroines enjoy sitting in the caravan. They think that they will act in the scene while drinking and chatting.. in between. But never think like that again.. Also know about similar incidents.

08. Ram Charan Imperial Common Motion Poster Released

Until yesterday Mega Power Star! Global star now! World wide trending star! If such a star’s birthday comes.. the arrangements should be in what range.. it should be reduced.. ! Shouldn’t you be shocked! Same as it is.. the same is happening now too..!

09. Damki Promo

This bully boy is a fan of a darkar hero. This warrior, known as Falak Nama Das, is the slave of the ten-headed Ravana Maharaj. Who knows.. This Oscar hero is now approaching his servant. What will he do when he comes? Das Damki will not tell us what he likes.!

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