TOP 9 ET News: Even though he tried.. Rajamouli did not speak’.. Racha Racha Ga.. Oscar Party..

Welcome to Top 9 ET Show. Most trending.. And! Now let’s see what is the latest hottest ET news..!

01.Janasenani Pawan Kalyan Viral Comments
Thumb: 2 crores per day..! Come on.. my level!

However, Power Star Pawan Kalyan, who used to tear his throat and didn’t talk much, has changed his ways in the last few days. Be it political, professional, family matter, party affairs, YCP leaders get angry. They are giving answers in a dizzying way. Nettinta tribe is going viral with those words.

02. grand welcome junior ntr Hyderabad after Oscar
That’s Man of the Masses! A crowded airport

They say..! Some people are commenting! Is it news to go..? Is it news to step in..? Is it news to come back again? S definitely news..! Because there’s the Man of Masase! If you move your leg.. see.. as it is like this, you have to throb..! Must be viral news!

03.Rajamouli Didn’t Respond to My Calla says Rajamouli
‘Despite trying.. Rajamouli did not speak’ Pity Dhanaiya..!

Dhanaiya… Dhanaiya… ! Where are you Dhanaiya…! Among the posts that are going viral..! Amidst the news that the Oscar Award went to Triple R! Smiling.. Mana Dhanaiya recently came out from between the four walls. Came and said Bane. But with that one word, a pressing question was raised. Rajamouli hosts party rrr team at his Los Angeles home
Cherry and Jakanna who made a lot of noise in the party

We got ourselves an Oscar! The commotion is over! And what next! Jest Party Fix! Also..! Jakanna also did the same. He hosted a big party with his Triple R team. With cherry dance.. Keeravani team performance.. They made a lot of noise.

05.Trolls on NTR Dress
The actual Oscar stage.. you have to watch a bit.

Wow, it’s not a matter of adasalu.. if there are some..! Others say that it is also a matter. To see..! That is not a matter of hope and some people are quoting those who have it too! Wow.. do you think this is the goal of these things..? Have you decided to know? But listen to the point!

06. Nandamuri Balakrishna mass warning to ysrcp mla
Do not come to my movies.. Balayya mass warning

State or Center? Apojishanaina.. Apojishanaina…? That is until he comes down..! Once he steps in! Every one will alert! Not like that, did you do the extras.. This is all for you to repeat the same scene!

07. Chiranjeevi Plans to Give Special Gift to Ram Charan inside talk
Little big surprise for son

Filial piety is not something that comes with the birth of a son. When that son gets a bigger name than himself… when he stands in front of the world… when he is recognized as a global star…! Then..! In that moment comes the filial piety. Now even a small person can feel this excitement. That’s why he planned a surprise party for his son!

08.’Thats Not true’ Harish Shankar About Pawan Ustad Rumors
In the case of Pawan.. they are lies..!

Harish Shankar speaks bluntly. Phat…they will tell me something. They will say something directly..! Even while hammering, they try to say the same thing.. they try to increase. Recently in the case of Pawan.. In the case of Pawan Kalyan’s movie, the matter has been concluded in one piece.

09.Nani Dasara Trailer Review

Anything.. Oh scene! Any glimpses! It can stop us from moving. Can give us goose bumps. Can be emotional. Can clap with us. It can make you cry out, ‘What’s wrong?’ Do this now.. Dharani. Dussehra Dharani!

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