TOP 9 ET News: Big update has arrived! And if NTR oochakote.! | Cherry in Begumpet.. Late night..

Welcome to Top 9 ET Show. Most trending.. And! Now let’s see what is the latest hottest ET news..!

01. NTR30 Muhurtham

Update update..! They screamed and shouted… wherever Tarak went… this was the same thing..! In the end, they even gave him a warning.. Here is the update! This official update is for you! The latest update was given by Tara!

02. Ram Charan Says He Is Doing Path Breaking Role Which Is Better Than Rangasthalam

On any stage.. giving a speech.. in an engagement.. giving a leak about his film.. till now Chiranjeevi..! But now Cherry has also become like her father. Unexpectedly.. or thinking.. not his nexts.. he gave a super duper leak about that nexts movie.

03. Ram Charan wants star virat kohli biopic
Wow! Charan in Virat Kohli biopic

This is mega power star..! No no global star! He is a star cricketer! No no.. Cricket ka Naya God! What will happen if these two meet? That globber star… how about this cricket guard role? Can’t guess..! Even if you listen to it.. it creates a feeling of wow in the mind..!

04.Jr Ntr Again Serious on Fans At Das Ka Dhamki Pre Release Event
Just make a joke.. That’s it!

Tarak got angry again. Also impatient. The expression of why Mati Matiki is doing this went towards the fans. But there is Tarak..! Fansey is his world..! That’s why he returned his words and made the fans laugh. With the comment that Anna made a joke.. with those words Nettinta will now go viral.

05.NTR gave a funny counter to anchor Suma at Damki Pre Release Event

‘Taarak is serious about Suma’… when will this matter be? ‘Tarak’s Funny Reaction on Suma’s Comments!’ Wondering when? Just happened. Das Da Damki happened at the same event. That’s why Suma Elong with Tarak topic is going viral again. keeravani father shiva shakti dutta opinion naatu naatu song
Is this a song? An award for this? Keeravani’s father’s shocking comments

Praise son if he achieves something great! Let’s swell with enthusiasm! We will tell ten people that my son is my son! Let’s talk a lot about his success! But Keeravani’s father is not like that..! And how? Watch the video!

07.Mahesh SSMB28 Look Viral in SM

No matter how much social media is superrabba..! It should always be like this for a hundred times..! That’s my wish! Do you say why? Because Prince always shows new stunning looks..! Did you do the same now?

08. Varudu Heroine Bhanu sri Mehra Tweet on Allu Arjun
Games with our hero..? Bunny fans fire on the heroine

Should I give it tomorrow? They can’t take it back, but they can make them forget. But.. if the post slips on social media.. that’s all! That’s all there is to book! Now this hero has done it!

09. Ram Charan At Begumpet Airport

He appeared like the sun rising in the middle of the night. He felt like a light seen in the darkness. Even in the heartbeat of the screaming fans… he is there. He is also seen in the eagerness of their eyes to see him. Their bodies are bleeding. He is making noise even in his breath. In the layers of the neck.. it turned into dopamine. He is making sure that there is no restlessness in them until they see him. who He took the mega legacy to global level. He is our Ram Charan!

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