Tollywood | Saturday, Tuesday.. Weeks turning into titles..!

Tollywood | Sri Sri said that nothing is unworthy of a poem like a matchstick, a soap bill, a puppy. Our directors are also following the same. They say that the story should be set but any title is fine. Especially if there is a different title, the expectations of the movie will increase. That’s why makers are looking for such titles. As a part of that, titles are given to movies in the form of weeks. Recently, the title of the film directed by Vivek Atreya with Nani as the lead has been confirmed as Satyabhada.

The story behind this is interesting. Because the title is very different. Earlier also Vivek Atreya came up with an innovative title called Sundaraniki. Even now is not enough, says Saturday. The poster of Nani in chains is interesting. Not only Vivek.. Ajay Bhupathi is also coming on Tuesday. The movie, starring Payal Rajput in the lead role, is slated to release on November 17. After RX 100, that range success did not come again to Ajay. The ocean that came amid huge expectations turned out to be a disaster.

So this time Ajay Bhupathi is coming with a suspense horror thriller. Every Tuesday in a village people die unexpectedly. So what happens in that town on Tuesday is the real story. In the meantime, Keeravani’s son Simha also came with a movie called Tellavarithe Kharti. And a movie called Sunday also came out. Only Monday and Wednesday are left. It will be a panacea if movies come out with them too.

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