Tollywood: Mystery twist in Sudhir Varma’s suicide case.. Actor who drank poison three days ago.. Debt is the reason..

A mystery twist has come to light in the suicide case of young Tollywood actor Sudhir Varma. The postmortem report of Visakhapatnam doctors says that she died of poison. What are the reasons for taking poison and dying? The police are investigating as to why there was a need to take lives. Tragedies have been taking place in Tollywood for some time now. Actors continue to die due to various reasons like old age, suicide and accidents. Recently, there has been a tragedy in the Tollywood film industry. Promising young actor Sudhir Verma committed suicide at his residence in Visakhapatnam. This news shocked his friends and relatives.

Sudheer Varma is currently getting opportunities in Tollywood. He acted as a hero in Kundanapu Bomma. Sudhir also impressed in the films Second Hand and Shoot Out at Alleru. A suicide attempt at a time when everything is going well has taken everyone by surprise. Sudhir died after receiving treatment in the hospital for three days. But the death report of a private hospital in Visakha says that he died due to poison. Doctors confirmed that he died of cardiac arrest due to taking poison.

Family members and friends expressed suspicion that Sudhir’s suicide may have been due to financial problems. With this
The police are asking the family members about the personal and professional aspects of Sudhir. They are collecting the details of those who have given loans with allegations of financial problems. Also how long have they been harassing Sudhir..? The police are deeply interested in how much money he owes.

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