Tollywood | In 2023, the fans of these star heroes will be disappointed..!

Tollywood | There is no doubt that like every year, 2023 will be a very special year for some actors, but for some star heroes, it will be an unforgettable year. It is noteworthy that all these star heroes are the leading ones. The thing is that if we talk about the star heroes who got a good break in 2023.. Now the whole industry is talking about the star heroes who did not bring even a single movie to the theaters this year. So far you can guess who that hero is..Icon star Allu Arjun (Allu Arjun), global star heroes Ramcharan (Ramcharan) superstar Mahesh Babu.

It has to be said that these big heroes who plan to have at least one movie every year, why disappointing the fans this year is something that movie lovers cannot digest. But these star heroes are already getting ready to provide full meals to the fans in 2024. Back to back releases in 2024 are going to create buzz at the box office. First, Prince Mahesh Babu is going to bang the box office with the movie Guntur Karam directed by Trivikram Srinivas. This movie will release on January 13.

After that, Tarak says with Devara's release update that he is also trying to invade the box office. Devara movie is going to have a grand release worldwide on 5th April. On the other hand, icon star Allu Arjun is playing the title role of Pushpa.. The Rule is going to release on August 15. Ramcharan is currently playing the title role and is a game changer. While the Pan India project, which is in the shooting stage, will come before the audience in 2024, the release date needs to be clarified. All in all, no matter how many heroes there are, it has to be said that the fans of the respective star heroes are left with an insurmountable deficit. Movie lovers want to see if they can make up for that deficit with their films at least next year.

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