Tollywood: If you see this kid now, someone will fall in love.. The following is not normal.. Remember someone..

Childhood is a beautiful memory. It is only childhood that leaves many beautiful sweet marks on everyone. Many more sweet childhood memories with pure minds..friends..relatives. A man’s personality is intertwined with his childhood.. When he remembers his grown up childhood, an unknown smile comes on his lips. Those beautiful sweet marks are now being remembered once again on the social media platform. They are sharing their childhood photos, memories of mischief with friends, and photos that they have kept with their followers. But in recent times, netizens are showing interest in knowing the childhood memories of celebrities. Due to this, the childhood photos of the stars are pushing each other. In this sequence, a star hero’s childhood memory makes a noise. Have you seen the photo above? That kid is not following normally. Anyone can fall in love when they see him. Especially the following of girls is high. He is entertaining the Telugu audience with many super hit films and is pleasing as a star. Remember someone. Today is also the birthday of this Bujjai.

This child’s father is also a star hero. He also has a huge following. Also this Bujjai Maviya is also another star hero. Remember who. He is none other.. Yuvasamrat Akkineni Naga Chaitanya. Akkineni made his film debut with Josh as Nagarjuna’s successor. Chaitu got good marks in terms of acting which was not impressive in the first movie Asheetina Sain. Chaitu got a blockbuster hit with the movie Emaya Chesave.. After that he got a series of super hits. Chaitu craze changed with this movie. He got super hits with movies like 100% Love, Dada, Bejawada, Tadhakha, Manam, Oka Laila For, Premam, Shailaja Reddy Alludu.

Recently, Chaitu scored another blockbuster hit with Shekhar Kammula’s Love Story. During the movie Emaya Chesave, the acquaintance with the heroine Samantha turned into love. Both of them got married on October 6, 2017 in the presence of their families. However, they who are Tollywood’s married couple shocked by announcing their divorce last year. Whose life is currently leading.


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