Tollywood hero who bet 10 crores for RRR Oscar..!?

Finally, the moment that millions of fans have been waiting for has come. RRR movie directed by Rajamouli won the Oscar award. So far, any film in the Indian cinema industry has received such a rare honor. Ram Charan, son of Megastar Chiranjeevi, and grandson of Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao, Junior NTR acted as heroes in this movie titled Ranam Raudram Rudhiram. This movie, which featured two star heroes, broke many records.

Finally receiving the Oscar award which is considered very prestigious by the film industry has now created a new sensation in the Indian film industry. Indians generally place huge bets whenever a match is held. And especially when the India-Pakistan match takes place, betting is done in crores. Will the first time RRR movie win the Oscar award in the range that is not taken away from that..? Or..? Information is received that betting in crores has been done on that.

Moreover, the news is heard on social media that the son of the hero from the star family, who has gained fame as a big hero of Tollywood, has also placed a bet of 10 crores. Moreover, Tollywood star Hero Sun, who has expressed confidence that RRR’s movie will win Oscar, will win about 50 crores by investing 10 crores, and the news will go viral on social media. The fans of that Tollywood hero Sun are on fire saying what is the guessing done by that Tollywood hero Sun but why is he betting like this. Moreover, on the other hand, fans are not sure whether to be happy that RRR’s movie won an Oscar or sad that our Tollywood star hero has such addictions. In this sequence, the name of that star hero’s son will become viral in a range on social media..!!

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