Tollywood: Dussehra is just around the corner.. Fun is sure to happen in theaters matter.. Heroes are coming in the ring..

Strikes in Tollywood.. Wars over ticket rates.. Quarrels between producers are over. Now the film speaks for itself. A series of films have been coming for a few weeks. But the real test is going to be on Dussehra. Is there really justice for small films as the producers say..? Can theaters be found for Manchu Vishnu and Bellamkonda Ganesh competing with Chiru and Nag? Everyone in the industry is now talking about Dussehra movies. But everyone’s focus is only on Chiranjeevi’s Godfather and Nagarjuna’s The Ghost. Both these movies will be released on October 5. Being a big budget film.. with star heroes, everyone is discussing this fight but two more films are coming on the same day. Bellamkonda Ganesh Babu Jinnah will also be coming along with Jinnah who is playing the hero Manchu Vishnu on October 5.

Their range is very less compared to Chiru and Nag. However, these two heroes are ready to compete with the star heroes with confidence in their content. But the doubt in everyone’s mind is whether these films will get enough screens. When star heroes are in the ring.. it always happens that small films fail. Actually Swathimutyam movie was supposed to release in August itself. And it is doubtful whether the theaters that were not available then will be available for Dussehra. On the other hand, Manchu Vishnu is also coming with Jinnah. His condition is unfathomable. Dil Raju is releasing Godfather movie in Naijam. Moreover, since Chiranjeevi is there, theaters will not be a problem. On the other hand, Asian Films is planning The Ghost as the biggest release in Nagarjuna’s career. This means that these two movies will be shown in any theater in Telugu states on October 5. And at a time like this, it will be known when Dussehra comes, to what extent justice will be done to the small films that are being released in competition with the stars after the strike.

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