TL Review : Vijay ‘Varisu’ (Descendant)

Varisu is the latest movie starring Kollywood star hero Dalapathy Vijay. It was released in Telugu with the name Varasudu. This is a Vijay movie.. But the producer of this movie is Tollywood top producer Dil Raju… The director is also our Telugu Vamsi Paidipalli. We all know the heroine Rashmika Mandanna, Srikanth, Jayasudha, Prabhu and Sarathkumar are all in this movie. Produced by Dil Raju with a huge budget, this movie has released worldwide today in Tamil version. In Telugu, it is coming on 14th. And what kind of talk will Warisu have in the context of the release of the Tamil version? came Did Vijay and Vamsi Paidipally do magic together? or ? Let’s see that in the review.

The story of this movie revolves around the choice of heir. Rajendran (Sarath Kumar) is a big business tycoon. He is thinking about which of his three sons Jai (Srikanth), Ajay (Shyam) and Vijay (Vijay) he should hand over his business empire to. Vijay does not like his father’s rules and goes out. Jai and Ajay’s eyes are on the chair. Their business rival is Jayaprakash (Prakashraj). Deciding that his time is up, Rajendran wants to know who is the real heir to his business empire. How did Vijay, who left home seven years ago, feel like an heir with his goodness and love? What kind of change did he bring in his brothers? How about Jayaprakash who is conspiring against them? Buddhi said? That is the story of this movie. In between, his girlfriend Rashmika wins love in the story.

Warisu movie is very similar to old movies. Juice is a mix of 5 Telugu movies and 4 Tamil movies. Some corporate backdrop movie. Family, three sons, fighting for the position of chairman of the company, all these are in the story. The speed in the story is not seen in the movie. The story of the movie starts as a plot and routine. Mining Deals Clash The film starts with a clash between JP (Prakash Raj) group and Rajendra group (Sarathkumar).

Sarathkumar has three sons… After a quarrel with his father, Vijay stays away from the family for seven years. Finally, the way Vijay returns home after seven years and enters the family, giving priority to the family scenes, elevation of some scenes in between… a small twist in the interval… Finally Vijay takes his father’s business empire in his hands… all these things are predictable.

Even though it is a routine story, director Vamsi Paidipally has written some scenes to remind the old blockbuster movies while showing Vijay Vintage. Scenes from Vijay’s old movies are played here as highlights. But these are not connected to those who want to follow Vijay’s films. In the second half, sentimental scenes were stacked between heroism and comedy.

Even though the story of the film and the stories are old… The story revolves around topics such as self-discovery, family values, attachments… what can we give back to the family… family is a priority, mother’s sentiment. The highlights of the movie are vintage Vijay, comedy and scenes with Yogi Babu. Routine story, storylines, predictable screenplay, putting in fan favorite scenes, run time is a minus. Prakash Raj’s villainy is revealed. The graphics are poor.

Actors Performance:
This is a film that hero Vijay has completely carried on his shoulders. Vijay acted like a terror with funny one liners. The reference punches related to his real life are getting overwhelming response in the theatres. Nothing to say about Rashmika. She has no priority at all. People like Prakash Raj and Jayasudha have given their own performance. Especially the villain track is clear. S.J Surya’s appearance was a highlight.

How about technically…
Vamsi Paidipally as the director seems to have designed the scenes in this movie for Vijay fans. Even if the old story is troubling, how do fans want to see action and Vijay? Such a taking is troubling. For our Telugu people, this is a routine story. Two of the songs are good.. the rest are ok. Thaman composed the background music. Music should be praised in action episodes and emotional scenes. If you look at the cinematography, every scene is rich. Camera angles are good in songs, climax and action scenes. Editing needs some trimming in the first half. Dil Raju’s production values ​​are over the top.

Final Punch: The Old Heir…

Descendant Rating: 2.75 / 5

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