‘Tiger drinking water’ – Rahul Gandhi gave special gift to Kamal Haasan, has connection with Priyanka’s son

Rahul Gandhi talks with Kamal Haasan: Former Congress President and MP Rahul Gandhi recently film actor Kamala hasan conversed with. During this, many issues including politics and society were discussed between the two. He has shared the video of the conversation on his YouTube channel. During this, Rahul Gandhi also gave a special gift to Kamal Haasan.

Rahul Gandhi is on Bharat Jodo Yatra for the last few months. Recently, when the yatra reached Delhi, Kamal Haasan also became a part of this yatra. He walked with Rahul Gandhi on the streets of Delhi. Now the video of the conversation between the two has come to the fore.

Rahul Gandhi gave this special gift

Rahul Gandhi gifted a picture to Kamal Haasan, in which a tiger is seen drinking water. The special thing is that the picture he gave as a gift was taken by Rehan Vadra, son of Priyanka Gandhi and Robert Vadra. To gift Kamal Haasan, Rahul Gandhi specially asked for this picture from Rehan.

‘My nephew is a photographer’

Rahul Gandhi said, “My nephew is a photographer. I told him that listen, I have to give a gift to my friend Kamal Haasan. I asked him to give me a picture of himself, for a gift for him. Rahul Gandhi said to Kamal Haasan that imagine what he would have given me? I don’t know about Kamal Haasan.

Rahul Gandhi then takes Kamal Haasan near the picture and shows the gift to him by showing the curtain. Kamal Haasan gets happy seeing the picture and asks if he (nephew) has drawn it? Rahul Gandhi answers yes. Rahul Gandhi says that this picture tells the approach and attitude of your life. Rahul says we are proud of you.

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