Thunivu Movie | Tunivu completes the break even.. Recorded as the first Kollywood hit..!

Thunivu Movie Break Even Completed | Ajith became the first winner in Nuvva Nena. Ajith starrer ‘Tunivu’ recently broke even and became the first Kollywood hit of this year. H. Directed by Vinod, the film released on January 11 and garnered mixed reviews. But in the collections, it showed strength. The movie got a good hype with the pre-release rush. With that, the openings came in an overwhelming range. Even though Vijay has a higher market than his competition, he got more openings than him. The collections of this movie are increasing day by day regardless of the talk. Recently this movie has completed the break even.

This film, which entered the field with a break-even of Rs.85 crores, has so far achieved a share of Rs.88 crores and has become the first hit of the year. Telugu has not yet broken even. Compared to Ajith’s previous films, Tunivu did more business in Telugu. The film, which celebrated a business of nearly three crores, has collected collections in the two crore range so far. Another crore will have to be drawn to break even. But it seems impossible in the present circumstances. Because there are three movies competing with this movie. There are not even a hundred theaters to catch Tunivu’s movie. With that, the run of this movie in Telugu is almost over. But orally, this movie has gone into the frat zone.

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