Those two in the daughter .. these two in the mother ..whose one should I see ra babu ..!!

With the advent of social media, regardless of age, young or old, anyone who falls in love is looking for beauty. Most importantly, everyone knows the extent to which television celebrities are using social media in recent times. Tollywood character artist Surekha Vani and her daughter Supritha are in the top ten places among the people who have been trolled immensely since the advent of social media.

There is no need to make special introductions about their names. They are well known to those who are active on social media. Surekhavani, who has earned a special recognition for herself in the Tollywood industry, has acted in many films in the roles of Amma, Atta, Vadina.Pinni. Recently, the daughter has also entered the film industry. Recently, a photo posted by them on social media has gone viral.

Moreover, Surekha looked hotter than Supreeta. Supreeta – Surekha showed dahis in short scuttles and waved. People are commenting saying that this mother’s daughters have increased the hit in such a way that they don’t know which part to watch. With this, Supreeta Surekha Vani’s photo is becoming a hot topic trend on social media.

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