Thor Love and Thunder: Thrilled Chris Hemsworth .. Impressive Thor: Love and Thunder Trailer

Not to mention the craze for superhero movies. Superhero movies have fans all over the world. That is why superhero movies are being released in all languages. Already Marvel Disney movies have gained immense craze. Many movies have already been released in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. All the films that came out received good success. Now another movie is ready to entertain the audience. It is known that recently Dr. Strange Multi Universe movie came from Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now comes the Thor Love and Thunder movie.

Chris Hemsworth will once again entertain as Thor in this movie. The already released movie posters have impressed the audience. The movie trailer has just been released. However, in the movie, Thor is accompanied by his ex – lover Jane (Natalie Portman) as Lady Thor. Thor, who turned fat in the End Game movie, is now back in his old look once again. The villain Gore the God Butcher (Christian Ballet) tries to save Thor’s world again by plotting to end the gods. If you watch the trailer it makes sense that this movie is about how Thor saved his world with the help of Lady Thor. Thor Love and Thunder is set to release worldwide on July 8, 2022.

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