This year was like a nightmare for Mahesh Babu, first brother, then mother, now father passed away

The year 2022 has been no less than a nightmare for Telugu film industry superstar Mahesh Babu. This year he lost three close family members. The actor first lost his elder brother then his mother and now his father. It cannot be easy for anyone to get out of these constant sorrows. Mahesh Babu and his family are also worried about the breaking of this mountain of sorrows.

Mother left the world at the end of September

Mahesh Babu leaves no stone unturned to entertain fans with his films, but this time is very difficult for him. For Mahesh Babu, who is always smiling, there is no end to sorrows this year. About a month and a half ago, on 28 September 2022, Mahesh Babu got a big shock when his 70-year-old mother passed away. Mahesh Babu’s mother’s name was Indira Devi. He died during treatment at AIG Hospital in Hyderabad after a long illness.

Mahesh Babu Mother

(Mahesh Babu with his mother)

lost elder brother at the beginning of the year

This year started with very bad news for Mahesh Babu. On January 8, Mahesh’s elder brother and actor-producer Ramesh Babu said goodbye to this world. Ramesh Babu was 56 years old. According to reports, Ramesh had a liver related ailment. At the time when Mahesh lost his elder brother, he was infected with the corona virus. He also wrote an emotional post for his brother.

Now the shadow of the father lifted from the head

Mahesh Babu was still recovering from the shock of losing his elder brother and then his mother when another mountain of troubles hit him. It was only on Monday that news came that Mahesh’s father Krishna had suffered a heart attack and was admitted to the Continental Hospital in Hyderabad. In a video that surfaced on social media, a doctor was heard saying that Krishna’s life was saved after giving CPR for 20 minutes.

Mahesh Babu Mother (1)

(Mahesh Babu with his father)

The family members and fans were praying for his recovery that the news of Krishna’s death came on Tuesday morning. This news caused a wave of mourning in the Telugu film industry. Along with the fans, many stars were also shocked by this news. But Mahesh got the biggest pain. His father left him and went away. Krishna’s age was 79 years.

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