This is the worst quality in Mani Ratnam… Will he show the dots to his wife Suhasini..!

Mani Ratnam was once a very classic director. Mani Ratnam’s movies were very crazed across the country. When Mani Ratnam’s movie comes out in Tamil, not only in Tamil but also in Telugu and Bollywood, there were many audiences who were waiting just for his movies. Many great films have stood as proof of Mani Ratnam’s directorial talent. If Nayakan, Bralo, Gitanjali and Sakhi are the same thing, many delicate love poems have come from the hands of Mani Ratnam.

But for some time now, Mani Ratnam’s films are coming out, but no one is paying attention. His films are not connecting with other audiences. Mani Ratnam has not changed according to the changed generation. He stayed there with a stereotypical attitude. But Ponniyan Selvan’s movie was loved by the Tamil cinema people all over the world. Mani thought of turning a popular Tamil novel into a movie.

The big task was to condense the original novel into a two-part movie. Mani Ratnam did that work successfully. He took Aishwarya Rai for the Hindi market. There are many star heroes and heroines related to Tamil language. All are Tamils. Moreover, the names of those characters do not mean much to the audience of the rest of the story.. Not even connected. That’s why the movie became a super hit in Tamil. Sold for ten crores in Telugu. Even after 15 days, the break even did not come.

And Mani Ratnam’s biggest minus in the movies is that he thinks it is enough if the songs in Tamil are good. Soi also doesn’t see the need to take care in the music even while dubbing into other languages. Even the words are reeking of that Tamil smell. That is why his films are loved by the audience of other languages. Mani Ratnam also became a producer for this huge project. He took loans from somewhere outside and made investments. He survived because the movie became a hit.

But Suhasini did not like that Mani was taking this risk. It was with the fear of what would happen if the film was lost. Mani Ratnam has taken risks many times in the past. Even then Suhasini did not like it. She was afraid that the film would have to hit the road if it made any difference. So from time to time, Mani Ratnam is spending his time taking Suhasini’s movies.

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