This is the top secret of the ‘Jai Balayya’ slogan that is shaking the Telugu people.. Where.. How? Being born..!

Jai Balayya slogan has been echoing everywhere in Telugu people and Telugu movie lovers for the last one year. Even before the original Akhanda movie.. In other words, this slogan that has been gaining momentum since the announcement of Unstoppable Season 1 has now reached its peak stage. Not only in the theaters where the original Balayya programs and Balayya movies are playing.. in any theatre.. it does not need a single screen or multiplexa.. regardless of class or mass, at the end of any hero watching the movie, the audience is suddenly enthralled with the slogans of Jai Balayya.

However, Balayya has changed himself a lot lately. It is a fact that after 60 years, the craze for the films of Chiranjeevi and Rajinikanth is decreasing. This is true no matter who admits it or not. For example, if you think that the collections of Acharya, which was a flop, are low, the hit movie Godfather also suffered huge losses. There was once a lot of craze for the original Rajinikanth movies. Now the same Rajinikanth movies are coming, the situation is not even business in Telugu.


The condition of Nagarjuna and Venkatesh movies which are more than 60 years old is very bad. Nagarjuna’s are all nonsense. Venkatesh is maintaining respect by playing experimental roles befitting his age. But exceptionally, Balayya’s craze is doubling after crossing 60 years. Not only on the silver screen, but also on the big screen, he has connected very well with this generation.

The way Balayya transformed himself in this matter is super. The questions being asked in the talk show that Balayya is doing with the real boy heroes… the comedy he is doing with them… the way he is running the talk show without hurting anyone, is making everyone feel bad. Due to the impact of the Unstoppable show, many television lovers are becoming Balayya fans.

Balayya won as the Hindupuram MLA for the second time in a row while cinema people were threatening to rise politically. Moreover, for the second time, Jagan survived the wave and got more majority than before. And now, the slogan ‘Jai Balayya’ comes automatically whenever anyone hears it. For example, Balayya Ruler and Saidharam Tej’s films were released on the same day every day. Both films are playing side by side in many places.

Jai Balayya slogans were also heard in the theaters where the Saitej movie was playing. After Akhanda, the theaters where Pushpa was playing shouted Jai Balayya.. Kekele.. When Triple R and KGIF 2 movies came out, the audience watching those movies also shouted with the same slogan. Recently, director Geethakrishna and writer Vijayendra Prasad are watching the movie Kantara together. Once at the interval, the theater erupted with everyone chanting Jai Balayya slogans.

Especially after Akhanda, Balayya got a huge fame. Balayya’s performance as Aghora in Akhanda took everyone into a trance and gave me goosebumps. That’s why it has become common for fans to shout that whoever acted in that style, Jai Balayya. Originally this slogan was born after Balayya’s Lorry Driver. In that movie, he wrote a song called Balayya Balayya in the name of Balayya.

This song is a super hit. After that Jai Balayya slogan became very popular for some years. Again this slogan gained momentum during the Samarasimha Reddy movie. Even though it is a bit slow in the middle, now not only Balayyo Nandamuri fans but everyone is shouting Jai Balayya.

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